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18 08 2009


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18 08 2009
Clarence LOONG

Hello Misbun ,

I read the Start article on what you said about Chong Wei ..the biggest threat on BIG stage is HIMSELF . Yes I have been following the sports world for many years and I do have my youngest son ( EMMANUEL LEONG THENG KUANG ) who is a PELAPIS in the Karate-do sport ( KATA ) who had recently became the 2009 Malaysia National Junior Champion in the Boys Individual KATA event . This stage was reached with much hard work by his chief coach ( Shihan Patrick LIM in Penang ) and Emmanuel’s involvement in the sport since age 2 1/2 . Yes, there is this element of HIMSELF . Hopefully I will be able to guide him on one aspect that might not have been done – the PRACTICAL TRAINING OF TRAINING THE 4 SELVES – PHYSICAL – EMOTIONAL – MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL ( BODY , HEART , MIND AND SOUL ) . As Mr Fredrick Tan had once said “GO INTO THE RING /COURT and DO YOUR BEST and come out your best ” . When a person has his physical self well synchronized ( here I am talking about the 300 joints , 600 over muscles , 208 over bones , the various internal organs , the flow of the fluid within the body , the …. yes there is so much to write ) and his emotions during the match in absolute control ( here I notice that small distractions occur when a person feels discomfort in the body has great bearing in the way the play or performance of a function is decisively affected ) and the mind – an ever restless aspect in every human being doing so many things at one given time – due to the “weightlessness” nature of the mind it can only be made to work for us when there is a system of making sure the mind stays with the Physical and emotional selves over a longer period of time until the job is completed ( in this case a point is scored to our advantage ) and finally about the spiritual self ( not the religious aspect ) I am talking about the inner voice in each of us . Yes Misbun when we spend more time to attend to training these 4 selves I am confident Chong Wei will pull through on BIG STAGE performances . Nice dropping by and am very happy to share this with you . Wish you and Chong Wei all the best . Will be very happy to share more .

2 11 2009

Hi Dato’ Misbun,

Here’s my contribution to badminton … http://www.badmintonskills.pseudotube.com
I hope I will get your support.

Here’s a video of you … http://www.badmintonskills.pseudotube.com/misbun_sidek%60s_badminton_coaching_X27729.html

Thank you.

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